“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought” –Albert Szeni-Gyorgyi

Completed studies

Managing astigmatism during manual small incision cataract surgery


One of the biggest criticisms against MSICS (Manual small incision cataract surgery) compared to Phacoemulsification is the amount of surgical induced astigmatism.  We would like to present effective strategies to manage astigmatism at the time of performing MSICS.


A descriptive retrospective study was performed of a simple protocol used in the management of astigmatism at the time of MSICS.


MSICS is safe and effective, but surgical induced astigmatism remains a challenge.  Hopefully a simple protocol on the management of astigmatism at the time of MSICS will address this challenge. It is simple and suitable for high volume cataract surgery in the third world setting. Astigmatism plague our African population of cataract age and LRI is effective & cost effective.

Blended vision using the Lentis Comfort multifocal Intra-ocular lens (IOL)


The Lentis Comfort is intended to give patients an extended depth of focus with minimal glare and haloes for excellent far and intermediate vision.  Using a blended vision strategy with a small diopter add, is a combination of two known strategies addressing presbyopia namely mini-mono vision and traditional multifocal IOL's with a full add.

Results from the study places emphasis on monocular and binocular performance for uncorrected far, intermediate and near vision, contrast sensitivity and stereopsis. Prevalence of unwanted effects like glare and haloes is also reported as well as satisfaction rate.

Management of infectious keratitis after corneal graft surgery in the immediate post-operative period.

The objective of this study is to demonstrate the challenges of managing infectious keratitis after corneal graft surgery.

We looked into three cases of keratitis after corneal graft surgery in the immediate post-operative period from various infectious organisms.  We share the experience we gained with these cases in stressing the pearls and pitfalls in this delicate balancing act, regulating the host’s immune system.

Infectious keratitis after corneal graft surgery is a relatively uncommon but devastating complication and we would like to share lessons learned from these cases. For more information please contact our offices.