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Multifocal IOL's offer different focusing powers within the same lens and reduce your dependence on glasses. Based on the scientific literature 90% of individuals do not require spectacles either for distance, intermediate or near vision. In laser assisted cataract surgery, an advanced femto-second laser replaces the use of a blade. Use of a laser can improve the precision and accuracy of cataract surgery.


Laser assisted cataract surgery

60 & older

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Refractive lens exchange is a better option for people with presbyopia. PRELEX replaces your eye's clear natural lens with an artificial intra-ocular lens (IOL) to correct your refractive error and achieve sharper focus, reducing your need for reading glasses or bifocals. The procedure is virtually identical to cataract surgery. The difference is that in PRELEX, the lens being replaced is clear, rather than a cloudy lens due to a cataract.


Presbyopic refractive lens exchange

45 to 60

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As with many technologies, like cell phones and computers, technical advances in refractive surgery technology have been rapid. Due to blade-less surgery and more accurate lasers and software, the optical results after modern refractive surgery have dramatically improved.

Today, the vast majority of refractive surgery patients have independent vision after surgery that is at least as good, or better, than it was before surgery using glasses and contact lenses.


Laser in-situ keratomileusis

18 to 45

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